Sunday, July 20, 2008

Zephyranthes citrina

Zephyranthes citrina

Family: Amaryllidaceae •
Genus: Zephyranthes •
Species: citrina (Herbert)(1821)•
Country of Origin: Mexico, southeastern United States •
Common Names: Rain-lily, Fairy-lily, Zephyr-lily •

Another one of my garden favorites that I bought at a Fairchild plant sale. I have a few different species, but the yellow species is blooming today as you can see. These bulb plants are native to this area and are related to Amaryllis. These plants you can put in the ground and leave alone. They only flower when it rains. Scientists believe it's the ozone in the rain that triggers flowering. These are awesome little plants to fill in all those spaces!!! I'll post the others as they bloom!

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Sheila said...

Very charming!