Monday, July 28, 2008

Bambusa tuldoides 'Ventricosa'

Buddha Belly Bamboo Bambusa tuldoides 'Ventricosa'
Family: Poaceae •
Genus: Bambusa •
Species: tuldoides •
Country of Origin: China •
Common Names: Buddha Belly Bamboo •

Another one of my bamboo. I keep it inside of a pot even though it's in the ground. Neglect is what makes this bamboos culms fatter and more 'Buddha like'!

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Niels Plougmann said...

What an interesting bamboo - with a funny fitting name! Over here in Denmark we only grow yellow bamboo - Fargesia murielae.

Sunita said...

I have one of these but mine is a 'toned-abs' bamboo. So you're saying that they have to be neglected to get that nice happy, rotund form? Worth a try : )

Anonymous said...

Eric, hi
You have a beautiful colLection of bamboos, very interesting!

bestdank said...

I have this as well! 1 of my first bamboo's. I stated it from seed back in Feb. Feed it Starve it I have been practicing this and it is already starting to show the "buddahs". i likeE plants is an awesome blog! Great Job Eric