Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tropical Fruit Inventory Update Part 2

Here are some of the new species I have acquired mainly through some very gracious friends!!! Eugenia klotzschiana, Eugenia neonitida, Eugenia stipitata, Myrciaria vexator and Plinia edulis and I also bought a Garcinia aristata from the RFVC of Broward as well. Here is my updated list & wish list http://ilikerareplants.blogspot.com/2008/12/tropical-fruit-inventory.html
More to come as these new species flower and fruit.

Here's a link to a picture of each fruit with a short description in Portuguese.Use a translator such as Bablefish (http://babelfish.yahoo.com/) if you would like to learn more about each plant)

http://frutasraras.sites.uol.com.br/eugeniaklo.htm (Eugenia klotzschiana)
http://frutasraras.sites.uol.com.br/eugenianeonitida.htm (Eugenia neonitida)
http://frutasraras.sites.uol.com.br/eugeniastipitata.htm (Eugenia stipitata)
http://frutasraras.sites.uol.com.br/pliniaedulis.htm (Plinia edulis)

and here's a cool photo of the Myrciaria vexator from the CRFG (California Rare Fruit Growers)

https://www.crfg.org/g2/v/Fruit_Shoot_2008/Myrciaria+vexator+-+Blue+Jaboticaba+by+Carlos+Velazco.JPG.html (Myrciaria vexator)