Thursday, July 31, 2008

Licuala grandis

Ruffled Fan Palm Licuala grandis
Family: Arecaceae •
Genus: Licuala •
Species: grandis (H.Wendl.) •
Country of Origin: China •
Common Names: Ruffled Fan Palm, Vanuatu Fan Palm •

Here is a series of posts for all my fans that have been asking about my palms. I'm doing them individually so I can classify them easier. I got this nice Licuala when I bought the book 'Palm Trees A Story in Photographs' by David Leaser. The author David was at Fairchild signing his book and giving a seedling to everyone who purchased it. It's grown alot since then as you can see it is almost ready to go in the ground!

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Lets Plant said...

That's awesome. This is one of my favorite palms. It is looking real good.

bestdank said...

This is going to start a series of comments on your fan palms. Lets start with this potato chip palm, how long have you had this. I have about a dozen seedlings right now just starting their 2nd leaf. Just wondering how long I have before they look like your beauty.