Friday, September 25, 2009

I likE plants! Seeds

Hi everyone,
I've had lots of requests. So I decided to start selling some of the seeds from fruits, palms, aroids & rare plants that I have. I can guarantee that all seeds are fresh because they all come from right here in my yard. Most of these plants are adapted to a tropical or sub-tropical environment. I will be updating  and adding to the list frequently! Take a look.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I likE plants! 2009 Virtual Tour

January 2008
September 2009

I wanted to share some photos of how the yard is looking this year with my readers. I did a panoramic shot this morning & I have one from last year so you can see the progress! Then I would like to give you all a virtual tour around the yard. Some names have a link to a post I've done on that species or variety.

This years seedlings: Annona muricata, Artocarpus integer, Artocarpus odoratissimus, Eugenia aggregata, Eugenia neonitida, Eugenia stipitata, Eugenia uvalha, Garcinia intermedia, Garcinia livingstonei, Garcinia macrophylla, Garcinia xanthochymus, Lacmellea sp., Lansium domesticum, Marlierea edulis, Melicoccus bijugatus, Myrciaria vexator, Psidium friedrichsthalianum, Pouteria sapota (I'll be doing posts on these species as they grow & fruit.)

Garcinia aristata, Garcinia lateriflora in the white pots.

Annona diversifolia 'Red', Annona squamosa 'Whitman Purple', Garcinia sp.(x4), Punica granatum

Averrhoa carambola - Carambola, Star Fruit (seedling) fruit.

Artocarpus heterophyllus - Jackfruit 'Black Gold' (seedling)

Eugenia stipitata - Araçá-boi

Dendrocalamus minor var. amoenus - Ghost Bamboo

Artocarpus hypargyreus - Kwai Muk

Artocarpus hypargyreus - Kwai Muk

Annona muricata - Guanábana, Soursop tree.

Annona muricata - Guanábana, Soursop immature fruit.

Annona muricata - Guanábana, Soursop flower.

Zephyranthes spp. - Rain lilies

Annona squamosa - Sugar-apple, Sweetsop "Kampong Mauve"

Garcinia intermedia - Lemon Drop Mangosteen

Garcinia intermedia - Lemon Drop Mangosteen

Antigonon leptopus - Coral Vine

Bambusa lako - Timor Black Bamboo

Citrus aurantifolia - Key Lime

Neoregelia ampullacea 'Tigrina'

Neoregelia ampullacea 'Tigrina'

Thanks for visiting my yard!

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