Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brassia rex 'Christine'

Brassia rex 'Christine'
is a beautiful orchid with six [6] inch long
cream colored flowers. I have this one growing in a wood basket with a normal orchid mix. Once again it's not getting much extra care maybe a little extra water in winter. I don't fertilize my orchids at all. This plant is outdoors and gets full morning sun.

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Mother Nature said...

Hi Eric,
Your blog looks very interesting. Welcome to Blotanical. Good luck with those ants.

bestdank said...

That is 1 of my favorite Brassia, I do not own it yet but have been admiring it for some time. Great Start on the Blog and I am adding it to the blogroll. Bamboo, orchids, how about any palms. You are in palm heaven down there.

I likE plants! said...

Yep I have a nice collection of rare palms too. Stay tuned!!!!!