Monday, August 4, 2008

Ghost Bamboo part III

Dendrocalamus minor var. amoenus
Family: Poaceae •
Genus: Dendrocalamus •
Species: minor var. amoenus (Q.H.Dai & C.F.Huang) Ohrnb.(1981)•
Country of Origin: China •
Common Names: Ghost Bamboo, Amoenus, White Bamboo •

Look at this amazing growth since my post on 7-14-2008
Ghost Bamboo Dendrocalamus minor var. amoenus
the front culm is close to four feet now. And the two in the back are over three feet!
Bamboo you can watch it grow, and look at the amazing coloration. All the rain we have recently has really encouraged alot of new growth. I see my Black Bamboo Bambusa lako has a new culm too.

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