Monday, August 25, 2008

Dendrobium peguanum

Family: Orchidaceae •
Genus: Dendrobium •
Species: peguanum (Lindl.)(1859)•
Country of Origin: Thailand •
Common Names: •

This was one of my mini orchids that (I'm ashamed to say) died this year. I must have killed it with kindness, that happens some times. Even the best gardeners fail. If I see it again I will buy it. It was a nice little miniature. The lightly fragrant little flowers reminded me of how clover smells. Please click the pictures to view in the large format.

Dendrobium peguanum is a delightful miniature from India, Thailand and Burma. It grows as a lithophyte or epiphyte and is characterized by short, stout pseudobulbs with 2 to 4 leathery, deciduous leaves. Many small, fragrant flowers are produced on leafless canes in winter. When not in growth, water should be reduced and fertilizer eliminated until the new cycle begins.
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Sunita said...

Dendrobiums almost always respond to neglect. In fact, the more you neglect them, the happier they seem to get.
I killed a few myself before I figured this out. Maybe they've got S-M streak in them ; )