Saturday, August 2, 2008

Zombia antillarum

Zombie Palm Zombia antillarum
Family: Arecaceae •
Genus: Zombia •
Species: antillarum (L.H. Bailey) •
Country of Origin: Hispaniola •
Common Names: Latanye Zombi, Latanye Pikan, Guanito, Guanillo •

This is my second favorite palm! The trunks of this palm are covered with spines giving it a most unique appearance. As you can these are starting to develop nicely. This plant is also unique because, there is only one species in this genus.

note: Most of my palms are small because of the high cost of these rare specimens but they are growing rapidly and soon enough I'll have some amazing species growing in my personal botanical garden!


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bestdank said...

This is going to end a series of comments on your fan palms. Eric indeed in a few more years I think your personal botanical garden is going to be a must visit place. At Heathcote Botanical up by me they have a Zombie around your size, I pass by it every time I am there. I do not have this 1 yet but it is on the list!