Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cool stuff around my yard......

Combretum aubletii - Monkey's Brush, is native to Brazil. I just had to share its beautiful foliage. No, it's not diseased, it changes colors as it matures and wait till you see the flowers they are amazing!

Dendrobium bullenianum - I have some new shoots here's more pics and info

Prosthechea cochleata - roots. This species is native to Florida so I'm naturalizing it on a Tabebuia impetiginosa This is one of the other orchids I was talking about in a earlier post.

Ren. philippinesis x kaisum - one of my new purchases this year and it's blooming already!!!

Anthurium sp. [S-170-02] - look at the root system this plant has developed. It loves it in that terra-cotta pot. Awesome flower too!

Tillandsia sp. - This native bromeliad was pollinated and now I have a seed pod. I need to do a little research on how to propagate this plant.

Musa sp. - Banana this is a new acquisition a friend gave me. The only thing he knew about it is that it was from Colombia. I have a peeper already.

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