Saturday, September 20, 2008

Neomarica caerulea fall 2008

Family: Iridaceae •
Genus: Neomarica •
Species: caerulea (Bull.)(1928)•
Country of Origin: Brazil •
Common Names: Apostle Plant, Twelve Apostles, Walking Iris •

These are pictures from today! I was stoked when I saw they were open. I did a post on this plant Neomarica caerulea earlier in the year with pictures taken last year. Can I say, I love this plant!!!!!! It's fragrant like the irises my mother grew in Michigan. But, this iris is tropical, it's endemic to Brazil and adapts to our climate (zone 10b) easily. It blooms in fall which is nice because like in northern climates there aren't too many things blooming in fall. I hope to have this all over my yard in mass plantings in the next few years. I'll accomplish this by division, it's already in progress. I can't wait to see a massive bloom all at once. Once rare in these parts N. caerulea is starting to get more popular, you can see why. Please click on the photos to see these beauties in all their glory!


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Sunita said...

Eric, I have the white ones and they look so beautiful blooming under some of the trees. And yes, they've 'walked' their way around most of my garden by now.

Titania said...

Yes, this Iris is beautiful. I always look forward in spring when they start to flower again." En masse" they look splendid. They are is so easy to grow and to increase;