Sunday, September 12, 2010

Naturalizing Orchids

So I've been naturalizing orchids on the trees around my yard. A lot of people use nylon stockings and/or sphagnum moss. Me, I just take a little cotton string and tie said orchid to a tree. Looks like it's just about ready for me to cut the string off. What you see here is a Brassavola nodosa 'Mas Mejor' x 'Remar' a highly fragrant orchid growing on my 'Neelum' mango tree. These orchids smell at night. So, I'm hoping the fragrance will be carried inside when I open up the house in our cooler months, luckily it coincides with it's blooming season. I've done a couple other orchids on different trees. I'll post some pictures soon. Also, I'll update with new photos as things progress, these grow fast!

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