Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Adenium obesum aka Desert Rose

Family: Apocynaceae •
Genus: Adenium •
Species: obesum •
Country of Origin: Africa and Arabia •
Common Names: Desert Rose, Sabi Star, Kudu •

My Desert Rose. My sister got this for my mom, probably ten years ago. She got bored with it and I inherited it, woo-hoo, lucky me. This may be one of my oldest plants. It flowers a couple times a year and the caudex keeps getting bigger and bigger! For this reason, I keep this in a small pot to enlarge the caudex. This is one cool reason to grow one of these plants. Also, I've trimmed it over the years to keep the shape I want. The beautiful flowers are lightly fragrant and reminiscent of cinnamon. This is one of the plants I use an organic time release fertilizer on twice a year. All these things make this is one of my favorite container plants.

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Kanak Hagjer said...

This flower is very beautiful. Now I know what to include in my next trip to the nursery!

Titania said...

Love Adeniums. I had quite a big plant unfortunately it got wet feet and died. My Neighbour has just bought me a tiny one again. I will be more careful.I will plant it in a small pot like you did. Your Adenium looks really good and healthy. The pink and white flower is very pretty but I also like its thick "foot"! Like you said a great pot plant.