Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Microterangis hariotiana

Family: Orchidaceae •
Genus: Microterangis •
Species: hariotiana (Kraenzl.) Senghas •
Country of Origin: Comoros Islands •
Common Names: •

This is another one of my mini orchids that has a home in my bathroom window. It's in a 4 inch plastic basket with a medium-size bark mix. I just love these miniatures for their small size and a big show of flowers. Please click the pictures to view in the large format, you can really see how small the flowers are by using the pencil for scale.

This genus is found in Africa, Madagascar and the Mascarene Islands as a medium sized monopodial epiphyte that is represented with four species that are short-stemmed, densely leafy with oblong or obovate, unequally and obtusely bilobed apically leaves giving rise to many flowered racemose inflorescence with small flowers with the sepals and petals free, similar as well as an entire or dentate lip, a spurred flower with a straight, very short columncarrying 2 pollina with a communal stipe and a very small viscidium.
Found in the Comoros Islands as a minature to small sized, warm growing, epiphytic, monopodial orchid with ligulate, unequally and obtusely bilobed apically leaves that blooms on an axillary, pendant, laxly many flowered inflorescence carrying the tiny, yellow-orange flowers below the plant. Flower Size 1/8" [.6 cm]
Synonyms: Angorchis hildebrandtii (Rchb.f.) Kuntze 1891; *Angraecum hildebrandtii Rchb. f. 1878; Chamaeangis hildebrandtii (Rchb. f.) Garay 1972
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