Friday, January 9, 2009

Rhynchostylis gigantea

Chewed off inflorescence.

One flower left and a chewed off stalk.

The beautiful leaves.

Orchid in an orange juice crate!

My little specimen of the orange variety.

Family: Orchidaceae •
Genus: Rhynchostylis •
Species: gigantea •
Country of Origin: Southeast Asia •
Common Names: •

Is a large species orchid native to Southeast Asia the stem is roughly 8" long with leaves up to one foot long. The plant has two to four pendulous, cylindrical inflorescences up to 14" long bearing many highly fragrant flowers. I think this has one of the best orchid fragrances. There are a few different varieties such as pure white, red, orange, spotted, etc. Something got to my flowers and chewed through the inflorescence stalk probably a snail. As you can see mine is growing in a Kennesaw™ orange juice crate it will someday fill it, I've seen it done with a milk crate and it looked very cool. The flowers are still fragrant even though they are no longer on the plant so it wasn't a total waste. I have a small plant of the orange colored variety as well but I suspect it will be a while before it flowers. I am looking forward to that! Zones 11-12

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Hermes said...

I so envy you growing orchids like that out of doors, but I must try some hardy (to the UK that is) next year. I like the orange crate, nothing wrong with that.

Darla said...

I may try my hand with orchids one day.