Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Orchids Photo Update

I already did posts on each of these beauties, but I wanted to share the pictures of this years flowers. The last picture is of my bedroom window where all these little gems grow it has a western exposure so they get a lot of indirect light. I also water them every or every other day depending on the daily relative humidity. Please see my earlier posts, by clicking the name, on each of these beautiful orchids, but only after you check out this years blooms. Enjoy!

Oncidium '
Twinkle White'

Family: Orchidaceae •
Genus: Oncidium •
Species: N/A •
Country of Origin: N/A •
Common Names: 'Twinkle White' •

Dendrochilum uncatum

Family: Orchidaceae •
Genus: Dendrochilum •
Species: uncatum (Rchb. f.) Bonplandia (1855) •
Country of Origin: The Philippines •
Common Names: Golden Chain Orchid •

The West Window. You can see Neostylis 'Lou Sneary' is still blooming!

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Hermes said...

What a good year you had, they are beautiful. But that wallpaper looks like it has suffered from the watering (as has mine) (lol).

I likE plants! said...

It's paint, but your correct my friend, luckily I'm getting ready to paint! So I'll take care of that headache!!


Darla said...

Wow, those are stunning Ochids. Have never grown them,..yet!

Anonymous said...

The jealousy bug hit me lol. That Dendrobium is on my wish list lol! Great growing E!

I likE plants! said...

Thanks Darla & Kortney!!!