Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cool Stuff Around the Yard!

Moss and lichens growing on my Phoenix roebelenii. I just love the way they grow all over everything here. I'm not sure what species they are.
Look at the brutal spines on this volunteer palm (Livistona sp.?) It just sprouted and I like the way it looks so I let it grow!
Flowers from my Kalanchoe thyrsifolia. These plants are typically grown for the unique leaves that are round and succulent. I thought the flowers were pretty unique too!
Pentas lanceolata volunteer! I love it when good things pop up in the yard. I have a "don't pull too early" policy with weeds. I like to wait and see what it is first. This is a keeper.
White leaves on my Thunbergia grandilflora must be some sort of mineral deficiency! It was about dead, but now it seems like it is coming back to life.
Asclepias curassavica sprouts everywhere in my yard. It's the Monarch butterflies larval food source so I let it grow everywhere even though it's real leggy this time of the year.
Hope you enjoy the small things as much as I do!!

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Sunita said...

That's some real interesting stuff popping up in your garden. Cool!
Are you ready for this? - I have that pale green moss/ lichens growing in my garden too. There it has to happen in each post right? :)
And the Thunbergia ... it's the Da Vinci Code coming alive in your garden! Run!