Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Research Library!

This is my personal research library. Of course I use the internet too, but the majority of the information I use in my posts comes from these books. I doesn't matter if it is rare fruits, bamboo, or orchids. 90% of the time I can ID it and find the info I need right here. Some of the books I bought, some were gifts, some were found! All I can say is, I love to read!

This picture is the full collection of non-fiction/reference mostly gardening, but there are also books about birds, butterflies, bugs, etc as you can see. Do you have any of these? Let me know.

My rare fruit bibles! I use 'Fruits of Warm Climates' extensively. If you search the internet for info on tropical fruits. Every web-site you'll find uses this book usually word for word, with-out giving J. Morton credit I might add! and 'Five Decades with Tropical Fruit' is loaded with info as well. I love this book but it wasn't organized very well, but it is chock full of information on some real rare fruits.

These are all first editions 'Garden Islands Of The Great East'(1943), The World Was My Garden'(1938) and 'The World Grows Round My Door'(1947) all by David Fairchild. They are my pride and joy. My Mom got me 'The World Grows Round My Door' for my birthday back in 2005, my Mom is so sweet! I hunted the other two down on the internet and paid a pretty penny, I might add. They are all tales of a plant hunter, as he worked for the US Department of Agriculture. They are interesting as hell, at least to a plant nerd like me. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden was named after him and some of the plants he collected are still growing there and at his home the 'Kampong'. Not to mention all the plants growing around Florida and elsewhere that were propagated from those plants. Fairchild was responsible for the introduction of more than 200,000 exotic plants. He was truly a pioneer of the plant world!

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Philip Bewley said...

Hi Eric,
I love a good library. I have to admit I read constantly, and am then giving books away. I do not give away books like you have shown here. I can well understand that there are books that are treasures. There is a kind of magic and inspiration to be found in these books...and when they have been given by a loved one who knows the content will inspire then it is all the more special. I DO feel that I wished I had known you earlier on Blotanical. YesThat. It was so WRONG to publish your concerns. Hey! I think you are great!
I wish there were more people like you.
So, Let me introduce myself.
My name is Philip. My partner Ric and I live in San Francisco and have a city garden. I write abvout what inspires me.
I never want to put anyone down.
Life is too short. I think what you do is great, and I am glad to know you.
In friendship,

I likE plants! said...

Hi Philip, Thanks for the kind words and nice to meet you! It seems we share our love for books. I was hoping to check out your blog, do you have one? If so send me the link. Hope you find all my posts as interesting. Stay tuned I have alot more things to share.

take care