Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Around the yard....

Stuff just blooms like crazy around here. It's been raining for three or four days now and I finally got out to take some pictures. Enjoy!

Dendrobium bullenianum third time it's bloomed this year you can see the other times it bloomed here
and here

I have a keiki of this. I can't wait for it to be blooming size. This is truly an amazing Dendrobium the flowers bloom off what looks like a dead cane as you can see. The flowers are orange with a cool red striping. I grow this one in a wood basket. It gets a little extra water during summer other than that it's pretty much on it's own! Just look at the results.

Cochliostema jacobianum compare to when I bought it
this plant has the most amazing fragrant lilac and purple flowers that look like little birds. I can't wait till it flowers so I can share it with you!
More red bananas Musa sp. I'm going to cook the flower this time. My friend Sunita (The Urban Gardener) linked me to a good recipe. Anyone have another to share?

Brassavola nodosa Look at this little thing grow compare to before http://ilikerareplants.blogspot.com/2008/09/naturalizing-orchids.html
those roots are really taking off. This orchid is highly fragrant at night I can't wait to enjoy the intoxicating scent!!!!
Oncidium 'Sharry Baby' smells like...................chocolate!!!!!
I broke part of one of the spikes but it just branched out. This is another highly fragrant orchid Mmmmmmmm chocolate it smells heavenly!

Charichuela Garcinia madruno here's an earlier post about this rare fruit
It had yellow leaves so I applied magnesium, the leaves greened up and it's growing like a weed now!

Can you identify what this is? #1
and this #2
Odd looking isn't it!

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