Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Noel's House Virtual Tour

I was at my friend Noel's house back in August. I took all these photos of his yard and the various tropical fruits he grows. Noel Ramos is a fellow member of the Rare Fruit and Vegetable Council of Broward (RFVC). He is an author on the cultivation of tropical fruits and a regular contributor to the RFVC bi monthly newletter. He is also a major contributor of photos for the RFVC website. And, also just an all around great guy. So let me give you a virtual tour of his beautiful Coral Springs yard, 08-15-2009.

Coffea arabica - Coffee it makes a great shade tolerant fruit tree.

Carica papaya - Papaya

Annona squamosa - Sugar Apple, Sweetsop "Red"

Annona squamosa - Sugar Apple, Sweetsop "Green"  Noel with his highly productive tree.

Pouteria sapota - Mamey Sapote 'Pantin' 

Pouteria sapota - Mamey Sapote 'Pantin'  this is the same tree as above you can see in the photo that this tree was badly damaged in hurricane Wilma (2005), but Noel knew that since it broke above the graft union this tree could be saved. It is still producing heavily and the fruits are delicious.

Annona salzmannii very rare!!!!! I want one!

Gonodonta nutrix Citrus Fruit-Piercer. Wagner Field Guide p.371. Breeding year-round in southern Florida, Custard Apple (Annona) is a larval food plant. This one is eating Noel's Annona salzmannii !!!!! Ouch!

Thanks to What's That Bug & kkroeker for a proper ID www.whatsthatbug.com/2009/08/16/unknown-caterpillar-from-...
Here's some pictures of the different variations bugguide.net/node/view/39479/bgimage?from=0

Artocarpus heterophyllus Jackfruit 'Dang Suria' or "Red Good Morning". This is a seedling from Thailand and the fruit has red flesh.   

Hylocereus undatus Dragon Fruit 'Red'

Annona mucosa syn. Rollinia deliciosa  Biribá Noel's world famous large fruit Biribá  I've tasted them they are the best Annonaceae fruit I've had to date, they are sweet, a little tart and taste like lemon meringue pie . I have seedlings growing.

Annona mucosa syn. Rollinia deliciosa flowers

Annona mucosa syn. Rollinia deliciosa what a solid looking trunk

Annona mucosa syn. Rollinia deliciosa Noel with his beautiful mature tree.

Pouteria sapota Mamey Sapote 'Pantin' being protected by an old strawberry container what a great idea and your recycling!!! Just one of Noel's ingenious ideas to protect the valuable fruit from birds and other raiders. 

Artocarpus heterophyllus Jackfruit Noel told me this tree was destroyed during Hurricane Wilma. It has recovered 100% and is fruiting. Noel says, always give a tree a chance to recover before you remove it and I agree.

Pouteria caimito Abiu protector, please recycle! 

Pouteria caimito Abiu 'Marisa' the fruit is very sweet and has a nice caramel like taste.

Manilkara zapota Sapodilla these fruits taste like brown sugar to me.

Me with part of Noel's bumper crop of green and red Sugar Apples Annona squamosa what a feast I had!

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Hermes said...

What Great looking plants and fruits. Envy.

I likE plants! said...

thanks Phillip! =)

Hort Log said...

Wow very enviable plantatation ! This Pouteria caimito is new to me - is the fruit available in US supermarket ? Also, never seen a red jackfruit before - how does it taste like ?

I likE plants! said...

Thanks for the kind words. I doubt you'll ever find an Abiu (Pouteria caimito) in the supermarkets, it is very rare and highly perishable. As far as the red fruited Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) I haven't had a taste yet although I'm looking forward to it.


David Anthony Garcia said...

how did he get his hands on Annona salzmannii??? That is high on my acquisition list.